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Visiting New York and not thinking about trying all its delicacies is something unthinkable for most travelers.

If like us you want to taste the taste of the City, you are on the right page.

The gastronomic offer of the Big Apple is so great, that you can see yourself a little overwhelmed.  

You have to keep in mind that there are hundreds of street food stalls in the main tourist areas, as well as fast food chains that will try to tempt you with their tasty smells.

Below, you can find a list of the places that we have cataloged as essential to eat in New York during our visit.

We leave you the list of all the places that we think you have to taste.

1. Tick Tock

Breakfast at Tick Tock dinner. Best place to eat in New York
Tik Tok breakfast.

This diner, with typically American decoration (yes, they have those armchairs that you have seen a thousand times in the movies, and they fill your coffee as many times as you want), and waiters so efficient that they will bring you the food almost before you have ordered it, is located next to Madison Square Garden and opens twenty-four hours a day.

We went to try what has been chosen as the best breakfast in New York, and we were not disappointed, in fact we came back a few times.

Among its specialties are pancakes with bacon and grilled eggs, or waffles with fried chicken.

In addition to being well located, its prices are affordable, having breakfast for two people cost us approximately 35$.


The tasty burger from JP Clarcks. The favorite place
The tasty burger from PJ Clarke’s.

We went to eat here after our visit to the Statue of Liberty.

Although there are several venues of this temple of the Hamburger, we opted for the Financial District, because it could be reached by taking a pleasant walk through Battery Park.

I have to say, it is without a doubt, the best burger we ate during the trip.

The meat is juicy, the bread freshly toasted and the potatoes almost melted in our mouths.

Although at first glance, it is a fairly elegant restaurant, and if you go on weekdays you will see businessmen eating there, we pay approximately $ 50 for the food of the two.


Buffalo Ribs and Onion Ring Tower in Dallas bbq
Dinner at Dallas BBQ.

This chain of restaurants is quite famous in the Big Apple, with establishments in places as convenient as Times Square.

We ordered a menu of BBQ ribs for two, which came with cornbread and chips. The truth is that we had no complaint, because they were very tasty, and the amount was more than enough for two.

The most peculiar thing about this place is that if you order a large drink, they will bring you a really huge glass that will cost you to finish.

The price for two people is around $ 40, and they will also give you a small sweet surprise when you bring the bill.


We were clear that we had to go! If you haven’t heard anything about this site, check out its image gallery.

Black Tap brocklyn blackout shake
Black Tap chocolate shake.

Its smoothies are absolutely delusional, as you can see in the photo, it has so many toppings that at first it is difficult to attack it.

We decided on the place that is in SoHo, we went after doing the Contrasts tour, since it was quite close to us.

We ordered a burger each, which were a real delight, although I have to say that the star of the meal was the mega shake.

Delicious Black Tap Burger
Ñammmmmm, the burger tasted great.

Ours had chocolate beans and brownie, and it was so dense that it was hard to drink, really.

The meal this day cost us approximately $ 65, especially because you must bear in mind that all smoothies cost $ 17.

Still, they are worth trying, because not only are they very instagrammable, but they are absolutely delicious.


Burger with burger joint
Burger Joint cheeseburger.

The main charm of this restaurant is that it is inside a luxury hotel, separated from the reception by a velvet curtain.

In fact, even though we knew it was a bit hidden, we had a bit of a hard time locating it, but in the end we saw its little neon burger behind the curtain.

If you go at the typical dinner time you may not have such a hard time finding it, because the queue of people waiting usually reaches the reception.

The truth is that once you enter, you do not have to think much, on the menu there is only a normal hamburger, with cheese or with cheese and bacon.

I have to say that the burger was good, but it would not be among our essentials, if it were not for the picturesque restaurant.

We decided to have dinner here after a walk through Central Park and a visit to Fifth Avenue. And the truth is that it is not especially expensive, a dinner here cost us $ 35.


Order Shake Shack
Order from Shake Shack to take away.

As soon as you arrive in New York you will see hundreds of Shake Shack venues. And the truth is that it is very practical for those days when some activity ends late and most places are already closed.

We went to Times Square, and ordered a couple of burgers, potatoes to share and a smoothie.

And the truth is that to be a fast food chain they are rich, although they are not of as much quality as other burgers that we have recommended.

As for prices… the burger costs about $ 9, and depending on the rest of the things you order it can cost you about $ 40 for two people.


If you like musicals, you will love this place. Even if you are prepared for a long wait, because this site is never empty.

In this place work young actors who aspire to become big stars, and to make themselves known, while serving food, singing between the tables, climbing the bar and delighting all diners with improvised performances.

Although they are students, they know how to win the applause, and also the tips, because during the performance they pass several times a bucket for people to collaborate in the education of the children.

As for the food, you will find some specialties of New York cuisine, such as mac’n cheese or meatball sandwich.

The spectacular thing about this place is its decoration, of typical diner, and the continuous performances, which lift the spectators from the chairs during dinner.


Katz Dining Room
The mythical Katz Delicatessen.

It is a mythical place, if you are film lovers, it is possible that you have already seen it in When Harry found Sally, and if not… you have to go try their pastrami.

The place is huge, but it is usually crowded with tourists eager to try this famous sandwich.

The first thing they give you when you pass through the door is a cardboard for the waiters to write down everything you ask for. It is very important that you do not lose it because, even if you have not consumed anything, they will ask you for it, and if you do not have it you will have to pay a fine.

The sandwich is quite expensive, it costs more than $ 20, but it is big enough for two people to eat (at least if you accompany it with some potatoes), and the place is such a mythical place in New York, that you can not stop going.


Interior of Chelsea Market
Interior of Chealsea Market.

We visited the famous market after a tour of the High Line. and I have to say that it is one of the most charming places in the City.

Oreo logo in Chelsea market
Chealsea Market is located in the former Oreo factory.

It is the old Oreo cookie factory, in fact, there are some murals that attest to it, and it has become a unique place where you can find almost anything you want.

There are so many stalls that it is impossible to decide, chocolate shops, donuts, Chinese food, Mexican,…

We opted for a typical noodle restaurant, where you could see how they were prepared for you while you waited.

Although, if you go to this restaurant, be careful, because most of the dishes are really spicy.


It is not a restaurant, it is a pretty cool supermarket, where they sell prepared food, which can be quite useful if you plan to have a picnic in Central Park.

There are quite a few Whole Foods supermarkets, but we opted for one that was next to the famous park, and bought a combo of roast turkey, mac’n’cheese and rice, as well as an assortment of cheeses perfect for eating outdoors.

It’s not cheap, but the food is really delicious, and it’s a healthier option than most meals New York offers.

The price depends a lot on what you buy, we for this food combo pay $ 12.


Levain bakery cookies
The most delicious cookies in New York are at Levain Bakery.

If you search for «best cookies in New York» on the internet, what will give you will be the name of this site.

It’s a small coffee shop (although when we went they were in the works to open a larger one), close to Central Park.

And as I said at the beginning it is famous for its cookies. That not only are they the best we have ever tried, but they are totally different from any other, that you have eaten.

They are chubby, filled with different flavors, and with one you will not be hungry until noon, guaranteed.

We tried two flavors, nuts and chocolate and another with peanut butter filling, and both so good, that it made you want to suck your fingers.

Each cookie costs $4, but it deserves it, because they are absolutely irresistible.


Nathan's on Coney Island. Classic dog stand to eat in New York on the beach.
Nathan’s of Coney Island

He is the most famous puppy in the Big Apple. Their stalls are at the door of the main museums, and there are always people asking, for something it will be.

But if their puppies are good, what about their lemonade? Ideal for those hot summer days, when the New York asphalt almost melts you.

The basic puppy is worth $2, and it’s absolutely delicious. In addition, it will save you from a hurry if you are in a hurry, because you can eat it on the street without problem.


We went here because we wanted something different (yes, we had become saturated with so many burgers), and we found it amazing.

It is a restaurant with a true Mexican flavor, next to Times Square. We ordered a couple of margaritas, nachos to share, and a taco for each, and it was so delicious, we signed it up for our must-have list.

Not a particularly cheap place, we paid around $60 for dinner, but it’s really good.


If you take advantage of your stay in New York to go to Coney Island, you will realize that the gastronomic offer of this place is varied.

We ate at Ruby’s bar and grill, and as it could not be less, we ordered some fish delicacies, which despite being breaded, were still delicious. In addition, we were served very quickly, and that is always appreciated.

Fried oreos. Another of the delicacies to eat in New York.
Fried oreo

And in the afternoon, after a refreshing swim, and a couple of roller coasters, we found something that I a priori did not want to try, but luckily I did… oreo battered and fried.

They sell them in a couple of food trucks in Luna Park, where you can find lemonade.

I know it sounds little alagüeño, but the taste is so different from anything else you’ve tried, that you’re going to love it. If you have a chance, try them.


Views from the terrace 230th Fifth Avenue. One of the most famous burch.
Views from the terrace 230th Fifth Avenue.

This famous rooftop from which you can see the Empire State Building, is famous for its cocktails, but few know that on weekends, from ten in the morning serves a bruch buffet.

If you don’t want to wait, you’ll have to get up early… but only the views are worth it.

The buffet has eggs benedict, puppies, French toast, assorted fruit and fried chicken, among other things.

It costs $ 30 per person, drinks apart, and the most spectacular thing about this terrace, are its views, without a doubt.

I hope you like our New York essentials, and if you have any recommendation we would like you to tell us, we are always on the hunt for new places where you can taste typical delicacies of the cities we visit.

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