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As many of you already know, this is the most important week for both national and international tourism. The reason? The celebration of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR 2023) at IFEMA, Madrid.

Hundreds of exhibitors meet for a week to present the main novelties with which they aim to attract travelers, and this year is full of surprises. We have gossiped about the proposals that Castilla y León has, and we summarize the most striking ones that we have found:

1. Wine Route in Zamora. Exhibitor 9C10 (FITUR 2023)

It is nothing new that the province of Zamora produces good wines; What is new is the proposal of this exhibitor that goes beyond wine, to introduce us to the world of viticulture through tastings, visits, and even through pairing.

We are surprised that they have also thought especially about the different travel companions we can have, and they offer us various options depending on who is accompanying us.

Postscript: if anyone is already thinking about celebrating Valentine's Day as a couple, they have prepared a romantic proposal with tasting, walks through the vineyard, and a hotel night at the Posada Real Castillo del Buen Amor.

2. Ledesma Spa. Exhibitor 10F38 (FITUR 2023)

The Ledesma Spa is much more than a place of relaxation, or a recreational space. As they themselves say, their hot springs “have two millennia of history,” and since Roman times, these waters were used for medicinal purposes.

Later, specifically in 1886, its spring was declared a Site of Medicinal Mining Interest, and today, they offer us multiple possibilities to enjoy its hot springs.

Although they are currently taking a break, and their doors are closed, we do not want to miss the news they plan to exhibit at FITUR for the 2023 season.

3. Bierzo Wine Tourism. Exhibitor 9C10 (FITUR 2023)

Bierzo wine tourism offers us a trip to Bierzo that must be lived with the five senses, a unique experience that transcends wine. And from Bierzo, they promote their nature, the fauna that inhabits their lands, their archaeology, and of course, their wines and gastronomy.

They offer us multiple options, from wine tastings to routes that will make us get lost in its overflowing nature; and that, without forgetting, of course, the section of the Camino De Santiago that runs through its lands.

We are eager to know what they offer for this year, although if you cannot wait, we suggest a guided tour of the Palacio de Canedo, where you can also taste their wines, and if you are curious to know the vineyards that provide such delicious grapes, you can choose get on the “carroviñas” that runs through the vines during visits.

4. Intersets. Exhibitor 9C14 (FITUR 2023)

Although the Entresetas exhibitor is more focused on the sale of products made with mushrooms, we are curious to know the focus they are going to give it. Certainly, now that expeditions to collect mushrooms are very fashionable, and that mycological interest has grown significantly in the population, we would like to know if this Zamora native living in Palencia, presents an option that combines her love for mushrooms with our hobby. for the trips.

5. Rural Tourism Association of Soria. Exhibitor 9C10 (FITUR 2023)

Soria is always a good option, yes, we never tire of repeating it; Full of art, nature, incredible places... we never tire of visiting it. And precisely for this reason, we want to know the proposals that Soria promotes this year. They already offer unforgettable experiences, such as becoming a shepherd for a day, taking horseback riding tours getting to know the province, or discovering the rut.

And without a doubt we would like to see proposals for guided routes, for unique experiences in a privileged environment,… and why not, we would also like to see what gastronomic options they offer us.

6. Escape City Box. Exhibitor 10B43 (FITUR 2023)

They arrive with force, and promising a new travel format, which, of course, catches our attention.

They propose an escape room without confinement, that is, an escape game in which the setting is the entire city, and they provide us with the instruments to unravel the mystery. A new way to get to know a city, which promises great leisure possibilities.

Without a doubt, a proposal that we want to know, and to hear how this experience is enjoyed.

We hope you liked our proposals, if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to write to viajesinimprevistos@gmail.com.

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