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Like every August we are scorched. The city empties, the children are restless because of the heat, and almost all of us are desperately looking for a place to cool off during this month. If you're tired of sitting by the fan and want to get out of the house, here we have five bathroom spots to cool off.

All of these bathing places are far from normal, they are not crowded beaches, but their waters have the same quality, and they offer multiple options for all members of the household.

1. Marina de la Cervera

Located in the community of Madrid, this area has fun options for the whole family. Apart from cooling off in the waters of the Atazar reservoir, we can delight in the spectacular landscape, take hiking routes of different levels of difficulty, or rent equipment to practice water sports.

Access, in general, is good, and in addition the enabled bathing areas are free, it will only be necessary to pay three euros if you want to access the area where the yacht club is located. By paying the entrance fee you will be able to enjoy parking and access to showers.

If you want to live a different experience, and cool off on the hot days of August, don't hesitate, this is your plan.

2. Leça da Palmeira Swimming Pools

These pools from the neighboring country are an ingenious construction located next to the ocean, so the views are unmatched.

Although they can be visited throughout the year, we recommend doing so during these hot months, which is the only time bathing is allowed. This construction designed to harmonize with the natural environment, has changing rooms, a cafeteria, a children's pool and a pool for adults.

They are easy to access, and a perfect option if you are thinking of visiting Porto in the coming weeks. The cost of admission varies depending on the day, costing eight euros (for adults) during the weekend.

lugares de baño para refrescarse (obra digital)
bathing places to cool off (digital work)

3. Charco de la Olla

Don't be fooled by the name, it's nothing like a puddle, in fact, it is one of the most important natural pools in Extremadura. If this summer you are going to spend a few days in this Autonomous Community, or are simply passing through, and you feel like taking a dip, don't hesitate, visit the Charco de la Olla.

Charco de la Olla is located in the Hurdes area, well known for its beautiful landscapes and the extreme heat it endures in summer. So in addition to enjoying this beautiful natural attraction, you will have the possibility of getting to know the nearby towns, such as Ladrillar, a beautiful municipality in which the traditional architecture of the area stands out.

Access to the natural pool is easy and free, and they also have some areas where you can also sunbathe. Also, if you get tired of all that swimming, you can go to the beach bar (only during the summer), and enjoy a soft drink or a cool beer.

4. Ardales Beach

The Malaga municipality of Ardales has a reservoir whose beach has received the blue flag, if you have read correctly, it has received the most important distinction that a beach can obtain, and it is undoubtedly due to the fabulous quality of its waters.

In addition to having an idyllic landscape and dream-colored waters, the reservoir has a camping area and several companies where you can hire different aquatic entertainment activities.

In addition, free-use tables have been set up in the area, where you can enjoy an outdoor picnic.

5. The beaches of Zaragoza

They are known by this name, although they are really high quality pools in which to enjoy an unforgettable “beach” day. The peculiarity of these immense pools is that they are surrounded by sand, palm trees, and that within this area, you will feel as if you were next to the sea.

It is a privileged environment that both adults and children can enjoy, for the price of five euros, in the case of adults; and three and fifty, for children. Additionally, you can pay a supplement to improve the experience by renting a hammock.

The place has its own beach bar where they offer meals, and during the summer months, they organize activities for the little ones, which require prior registration.

We hope you liked this article in collaboration with ZA49 about bathing places to cool off. If you have any questions, you can write to viajesinimprevistos@gmail.com.

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