como moverte en Madrid en metro
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Do you want to know how to get around in Madrid? Madrid is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of transportation options to get around the city. From buses and subways to bicycles and electric scooters, there are many ways to get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

How to get around Madrid using the metro

One of the most popular options for getting around Madrid is the metro. With a network of 12 lines covering the entire city, the metro is a fast and economical way to get to your destination.

To move on the Madrid metro, it is necessary to purchase a transportation card called a Multi Travel Card (Multiviaje) or a Wallet Card. These cards can be purchased at vending machines in metro stations and can be loaded with the single tickets or passes that best suit you. As of March 2023, the cheapest option is the 10-trip pass, which is at a reduced price of less than €7.

You can also purchase a tourist pass with your multi card, which allows you to travel unlimitedly for a certain period of time.

Once you have your card, you simply place it in the reader when entering and leaving the stations and the corresponding trip will be deducted.

How to get around Madrid using the bus

Another option is the bus. Madrid's bus network is extensive and covers the entire city, making it a convenient option for reaching destinations that are not close to a metro stop. Like the metro, you can use the multi card or simply pay using your credit card at the ticket validation machines.

Other ways to get around Madrid

If you prefer a more active way to get around, Madrid also offers an extensive network of bike paths and a public bike rental service. Bikes can be rented at multiple stations throughout the city and can be returned to any other station. It is a sustainable and healthy way to move around the city and enjoy its tourist attractions.

Another popular option for getting around Madrid is the electric scooter. There are several companies that offer electric scooter rentals in the city and it is a convenient and fun way to get to your destination. You only need a valid driving license to circulate in Spain and a credit card to rent a scooter and you can leave them anywhere in the city when you have finished your trip.

Como moverte en Madrid en taxi
How to get around Madrid by taxi

Taxi options in Madrid

In addition to these public transportation options, there are also taxi services (you can use the MyTaxi app) and other means of private transportation such as Uber and Cabify available in Madrid. These services can be convenient if you need a faster and more comfortable way to get to your destination, although they are also usually more expensive than public transportation.

In short, there are many options for getting around Madrid, from the metro and buses to bicycles and electric scooters. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to consider which option is best for you based on your itinerary, budget, and personal preferences. If you prefer a more economical and sustainable way to get around, public transportation is a good option. If you prefer greater comfort and speed, private transportation services can be a good option. Whatever your choice, with a little planning and knowledge of the options available, you can easily get around Madrid and enjoy everything this city has to offer.

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