como llegar del aeropuerto de madrid al centro
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If you are considering making a trip to Madrid, and you are going to come by plane, do not hesitate to ask how to get from the Madrid airport to the center.


The most popular way to get to the city center. The metro stops at all terminals, and has a cost of 4.50 euros per passenger, plus 2.50 for the multiple transport card; in total 7 euros. It runs until half past one in the morning (approximately), and the metro line leaves us at central points such as Nuevos Ministerios, from where you can transfer, and reach any point in the city for the same price.

The way to the metro is perfectly indicated in each of the terminals, and as with the suburban area, we will need to obtain a mandatory card (rechargeable) that can be used during our stay in Madrid.


Price 3.10 euros. One of the cheapest and most comfortable ways to get to Madrid airport. It is close to T4 and can be taken at the main suburban stops such as Atocha, Nuevos Ministerios, or Chamartín. It ends around midnight.

We must take into account several things: it is very comfortable and fast, but especially if we go to T4, if we go to any of the other terminals, we would have to take the bus that runs between them, which is free, but from our point of departure Vista is not a comfortable chewing option, so we recommend it only for going to T4.

On the other hand, if you travel combining a high-speed train ticket, on that same ticket there is a code that can be exchanged (in the station machines) for a free commuter ticket.

Additionally, it must be taken into account that the ticket costs 2.60 euros and the mandatory purchase card costs 0.50 euros, so if you are going to travel locally during your stay in Madrid, it is more profitable.


Here we find two fairly economical options, on the one hand there is the 200 bus, and on the other the express bus.

Bus 200, costs 1.50 euros, you can pay with the transport card or credit card on the bus itself, and leaves from Avenida de América, a very central point in Madrid. It stops at terminals 1, 2 and 3, as well as T4, has space to place your suitcases, and is quite fast (although it obviously depends on traffic).

The only bad part is that it only works until approximately eleven thirty at night.

Express bus.

A comfortable option, and one that works 24 hours a day and night. You can also pay with a credit card, and it has a trunk to store your suitcases.

It is more expensive than the previous one, it costs five euros, and it stops at all the terminals, and already in the city center at the O'Donnell metro stop and in Cibeles.


It is the most comfortable way, also the most expensive. It has a fixed rate of 30 euros for routes that are within the M30 (be careful if your hotel is on the outskirts, or in a nearby town, the rate could vary), and you can access the taxi service in the area of arrivals from each terminal.

If you choose this option, you will have to wait in a single queue, and an airport worker will assign taxis to passengers in order of arrival.

Disclaimer: traveling without unforeseen events is not responsible for changes in prices, routes and schedules included. Although the article is intended to advise the traveler, we recommend consulting the official pages.

And if you are already in Madrid and want to see the city, we recommend book the free tour of Madrid.

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