Senda del osoSenda del oso
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Asturias is always a good option to enjoy tranquility, nature, and of course, gastronomy; For this reason, if this Easter you are thinking of taking a route on foot, by bike, or you are simply curious to discover a new place, this is your getaway!

The Senda del Oso runs along what was once a mining train route, and offers us incredible landscapes, and multiple options to enjoy it. The most advisable thing, if we want to complete its twenty-two kilometers, is to do it by bicycle (which can be brought or rented at various points in the area).

1. Beginning the path of the bear: Entrago

This beautiful place, which seems straight out of television or novels, is one of the access points to the signposted Senda del Oso.

If you start the path from here, you can travel, either on foot or by bicycle, a path of hand-excavated tunnels, nature and exuberance and all this, accompanied by the Teverga river, which separates us from the road, and offers us spectacular views, showing us how water has shaped the stone over time.

2. The Quick

This traditional bakery is a treasure. Be sure to stop at their bread shop to get some of the delicacies they tempt you with, from empanadas to muffins, the options are all perfect for stopping along the way and enjoying a good bite.

Also, if you have doubts, or don't know what to choose, don't worry, the owner will calmly and sympathetically explain to you what goes into each of her preparations.

3. Valdemurio Reservoir

One of the best places to make a long stop, and taste all those delicacies that we have acquired at the La Rápida bakery. A reservoir surrounded by forest, and with a cafeteria where canoes are also rented, and without a doubt, one of the most spectacular points of this getaway.

The reservoir, which has nothing to envy of a natural lake, has a pedestrian walkway that crosses it, and which, especially at sunset, offers us beautiful views.

4. Proaza

This little town, perfect for a technical stop, or to regain strength, will captivate you with its traditional architecture houses, its well-kept gardens and the mysterious Proaza Tower. This Tower, located on the outskirts of the town, is a quite impressive medieval defensive construction.

5. Banduso

If you liked the Torre de Proaza… Banduso is going to leave you speechless. A medieval town, hidden between mountains, and only reached by a winding road, although if you feel strong enough, you can also get there on foot.

Banduso is located on a hill, and precisely for that reason, the construction of the current road was greatly delayed, and caused the town to remain anchored in the past, just as we find it today.

6. Bear fences (bear trail)

Taking into account that we are on the Bear Trail... we cannot skip the bear enclosures. The enclosures are immense enclosures that house bears that at the time suffered accidents, and after their recovery could not be reintroduced into the wild. Now, these bears live in the enclosures, which are accessible from Proaza, and which can be reached without too much difficulty; Therefore, if you run out of time, you can go to the enclosures and read the stories of its inhabitants.

7. Kissing stones

This is another must-see stop for all visitors to the Senda del Oso. The photogenic point was even mentioned by the regent María Cristina, who according to historical records, visited the place and was amazed by the beauty of the place.

Although we have to find the perfect frame for the stones to kiss in our photo, it is worth walking this section and stopping to observe the unusual rock structure.

8. End of the bear trail: Church of San Pedro de Arrojo

To put the finishing touch to our route, we will continue our way to the wonderful Romanesque church of San Pedro de Arrojo. A spectacular Church that stands on the side of the road, and we are sure that it will surprise you.

We hope you liked this healthy and perfect proposal for your next getaway. Have you already been? Tell us your experiences by email at

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