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He arrived in Spain only a few days ago, but he has already become the main protagonist of the news, newspapers, social networks, and of our lives. Yes, we are talking about COVID-19. A virus that has stopped the country, saturated hospitals, and has deprived us of something that until now we considered normal, the possibility of going out and traveling without restrictions, giving way to a quarantine that everyone endures as best they can.

As we know that these days are not easy to handle, we have decided to write this article in which we offer you the possibility of traveling to different and remote places, without having to leave home.

1. Discover new countries with La Terminal

Our first stop reveals Krakozhia, the interesting country of origin of the film's protagonist. 

And if you have already seen it, don't worry, because now is the perfect time to play it again, and feel a little more empathy towards the situation described.

And if you have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy it, do not hesitate to do so, it is the ideal film for those travelers who have been stuck at home during this quarantine; a film full of emotion, set in an airport, and where the main ingredient is the mix of cultures, what could go wrong?

2. Enjoy an afternoon at the beach while we solve word searches

Playa del Cura(Gran Canaria), remedios para la cuarentena
Playa del Cura (Gran Canaria)

Would you like to be lying on the smooth, warm sand of the beach while listening to the sea in the background? Surely yes, and we understand you, that's why we propose the following: select the Music Therapy playlist “sea waves with relaxing music” on YouTube, rescue this summer's hobby books, and lie down on the couch to try to complete sudoku, to look for words associated with the vague drawings in the margins of your word search, and above all, to try to relive last summer a little.

It may not be the same as watching the sunset from your towel after fighting to conquer the biggest mat, but it surely helps you relax, and even the luckiest of you will surely find a few grains of sand hidden in the margins of your books. of self-defined ones that help you cope with the quarantine.

3. Visit Scotland preparing shortbread

After the afternoon at the beach, you will be hungry, and who wouldn't? Our proposal is that you travel to green Scotland, famous for its beauty and hospitality, and taste one of its typical desserts: shortbread. A delicious cookie, very easy to make, and once baked it melts in your mouth, leaving a delicious and indescribable flavor of adventures and rainy afternoons in front of a fireplace.

(If you need a little help, or perhaps inspiration to choose the ideal cookie cutter, on the website of masedinburgo.com ,you can find it).

4. Travel to Space with National Geographic

As we travel from home... let nothing stop us! And with this motto, we want you to leave the planet, leave the Earth behind, and enter the immensity of the Universe. We are going to unknown places, to discover a remote planet three hundred and ninety light years from Earth.

And once we arrive, we find temperatures of 2400 degrees Celsius, in which metals become vapor.

How have we been able to cover so much distance in such a short time? Thanks to the National Geographic Spain website, and its astronomy section. We've almost forgotten about the quarantine, haven't we?

5. Have a glass of wine with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Spending a few days in isolation gives us time to relax, and even discover new ways to entertain ourselves.

One of the ways we suggest is by spying on what happens at the Eiffel Tower at different times of the day. While you have a glass of wine and listen to La Vie en Rose, you open the website in your search engine. www.skylinewebcams.com, and select the Eiffel Tower webcam.

This way your house will have a new window, one that gives you access to a world that now seems very far away, but in which you are really experiencing the same situation as us.

6. Rediscover the World and learn geography (suitable for little ones, and not so little ones).

This plan is for all those of you who are already tired of television, and of starting new series and leaving them halfway.

In the Web page www.interactivemaps.didactalia.net, you will find endless resources to have fun and learn geography at the same time. From games with maps, world, European, Spanish,... to interactive historical maps to make the current world configuration more understandable.

At first, we thought it was a perfect plan for the little ones, but then we tried to complete some maps, and we saw that it doesn't hurt to do a review, both of geography and personalities. Because on the Didactalia website, you will also find maps in which you have to identify the birth countries of some of the most important historical figures in the World.

All of this for free, and making learning geography a fun task.

We hope that with these special travel ideas you have escaped from reality for a while, and have spent the quarantine in a more enjoyable way.

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