Coques de Dinant en Jacobs
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Discover the best options for where to eat in Dinant with our guide. A complete culinary experience in Dinant for all tastes and budgets!

1. Le Café Ardennais. Avenue Franchet d'Esperey, 4

carne a la piedra en el Café Ardanais
stone-grilled meat at Café Ardanais

Average price: 35 euros per person.

It is the perfect place to try local food, plus it is possible to taste several types of Belgian beer, which makes it a very attractive place to have lunch or dinner during our stay in Dinant.

The specialty of this restaurant is stone-grilled meat, which is served in various sizes, with an attractive presentation, as it is served on a hot stone and continues cooking while you enjoy the rest of the dinner.

In addition to the meat, which is delicious, and the beers, we also recommend the cheese croquettes, as they are made with local cheese, and are delicious.

2. O'D'Lis Burger's Bar. Rue Adolphe Sax, 15

Average price: 20 euros per person.

This place has a casual atmosphere, but the burgers are worth it. They are abundant, delicious, and original. Its menu is very varied, and allows you to try some local ingredients that blend very well with the American spirit of the restaurant.

It is ideal for a relaxed dinner with friends if you don't know where to eat in Dinant, and it has an original dinner-style decoration from the 60s, which caused us some nostalgia during our visit.

Hamburguesa en O´D´Lis Burger BAR
Burger at O´D´Lis Burger BAR

3. La Medina. Rue Grande 113

Average price: 30 euros per person.

If you have already tried all the local delicacies, and you feel like going on a gastronomic trip, this is your place. This restaurant is located in the heart of Dinant, on one of its main streets, and has a decoration that immediately transports you to the exotic Moroccan cities.

They have vegetarian options, and typical Moroccan dishes rich in spices, only suitable for palates that enjoy intense flavors.

4. Pizzeria Onda Calabra. Rue de la Station 15

Average price: 15 euros per person.

We are of the opinion that pizza is always a success, and Onda Calaba delivers what it promises; Delicious Italian food options (especially pizzas), and at an affordable price.

It is a perfect option if you are only making a stop along the way, since this restaurant is next to the train station.

5. Fiorine's Garden. It was Georges Cousot 3

Of all our recommendations, this restaurant has the best location, it is ideal for a romantic dinner, as it has a back terrace overlooking the river promenade, ideal for nights when the weather is good.

It is also an ideal option to have a refined dinner at a moderate price, with good value for money, and try French-style cuisine with an elegant touch.


And after eating... we can say that there is no meal without dessert, right? Well, don't worry, we leave you three options to have a tasty dessert that complements your lunch or dinner.

6. La Croissete. 20 Winston Churchill Avenue

We recommend having one of their delicious ice creams, in a cone, in a tub, in a cup, and even in an animated tub for the little ones... the format does not matter, because once you have tried it, you will not be able to stop eating. They have many flavors, and we loved the ones we tried.

7. Jacobs, Patisserie-boulangerie. Rue Grande 147

In this pastry shop they sell one of the most typical sweets in the city, the famous couques, which are caramelized cookies, very hard, that are eaten little by little, letting them melt in the mouth.

At Jacobs they have multiple formats, sizes and prices, so that no one is left without trying this delicious cookie.

Couques de Dinant en Jacobs
Dinant Couques at Jacobs

8. Café Leffe. Rue Adolphe Sax 2

At Café Leffe they serve delicious waffles (no surprise, considering that we are in the country of waffles) and you can also drink them while contemplating a splendid view of the Meuse River, along which many boats and tourist boats circulate.

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