Catedral de Murcia
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After a cold and rainy spring, it seems that the heat has finally arrived, and along with the scorching sun, the dips to cool off, the usual fight between those who prefer watermelon against those who prefer melon, and of course, the desire to escape to new places, or perhaps to the usual places, but discovering the mysteries that we still don't know. If that is your case, stop searching, because we have already found the perfect trip for this summer!

We talk about Levante; but not only a Levante of sun and beach, full of beach bars, heated tourists, and disco nights; No, this time we bring you a different route through Levante, with the most unknown places that we believe are necessary to visit if we want to fully get to know this area.

1. Murcia

Catedral de Murcia
Murcia Cathedral

Walking through the historic center of Murcia is a pleasure, and for that reason, we cannot help but recommend that you delight along Calle de la Trapería, this beautiful street begins next to the imposing cathedral of the capital of this Community, and It takes us through some of the most emblematic buildings in the city, such as the Casino; and also invites us to get to know some of its most emblematic businesses, such as the Venice confectionery; to end up leading to Plaza Santo Domingo, where some of the most spectacular buildings in the entire city are erected.

A walk full of History, which will show you some of the most relevant points of the capital of this Autonomous Community, and which will undoubtedly surprise you.

If you have time in the city, we recommend this free-tour of Murcia by CivitatisI'm sure you'll love it.

2. La Pedrera Reservoir

Embalse de la Pedrera
La Pedrera Reservoir

A passing place on our route through Levante, but from the first moment it encourages us to get to know it, and to do so, we can stop at the multiple viewpoints that invite us to stop while we travel along the road. Viewpoints from which we can admire its crystalline waters, of an almost impossible blue, where one can marvel at the charm of abandoned places, and imagine what they were like before they entered a spiral of decay.

This is the case of this La Pedrera reservoir, where various structures can be seen emerging from its waters (now much lower than a few years ago), and it invites us to discover pieces of its history through these same structures, for example. For example, next to dock number eleven, where we find an old pier, from which the hut where the boats could be rented, and the rails through which they made them reach the water, are still preserved.

3. Torrevieja Pink Lagoon

Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja
Torrevieja Pink Lagoon

This famous pink water lagoon is located in Torrevieja, and is unique in all of Spain. The lagoon, located within the Lagunas de la Mata Natural Park, is a true spectacle to behold, especially during sunset, when the pink tone of its waters reaches the highest level of the day.

And although we cannot bathe in this peculiar lagoon, since we could damage the ecosystem, we can enjoy the spectacle of color that opens before our eyes, and the animal species that live there, which, like our lagoon, are unique. in the national territory.

The lagoons can be visited freely, but you can also book a visit.

4. Cartagena

We cannot finish our route through Levante without making a (long) stop in Cartagena. This city, which has witnessed some of the most important events in our History, is perfect to explore in one or several days, depending on how much time you can invest in its discovery.

Starting the visit in the port, where we find the famous submarine created by Isaac Peral, and continuing towards the Roman Forum, we find a monumental hodgepodge that almost seems to explain the history of the city by itself, without the need for words. .

From its Roman theater, which has gone through so many vicissitudes that today it has an attached cathedral, to its modernist-style buildings, passing through the cafes where they strive to serve traditional recipes.

Cartagena is a unique city in many ways, which has also welcomed renowned figures such as Cervantes, who embarked in Cartagena to go to the battle of Lepanto; or Andersen, who stayed in the city, and according to legend, was inspired to write his famous story of The Tin Soldier.

5. Battery of castles

Behind this peculiar name is hidden an old barracks from the Spanish Civil War, located in Cabo Tiñoso, and today abandoned. It can be visited by following the intricate paths that connect the buildings and that sometimes take us to buildings that stand in the middle of the cliff.

Currently you can visit it by following the hiking route indicated at the entrance to the first building, and it is one of the most picturesque routes you will find in the area. You can still see the cannons that this battery housed, and if you have the strength to complete at least part of the route, the path will take you through stairs, tunnels and paths that seem to come from nowhere. In short, a spectacular discovery, which also passes through a place of exceptional natural wealth, such as Cape Tiñoso.

Batería de Castillitos
Castles Battery

We hope you liked this compilation of charming places for a route through Levante. As on other occasions, we ask you to tell us about your experiences visiting these places, or to tell us if you know of any place that you think should be included in this list; You can do it at

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