Ayuntamiento de Cartagena
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Cartagena is one of those cities that is engraved in the soul; a charming city, full of attractions, and although it is almost impossible to choose just ten places to visit in the city, we have dared to make a selection of the places that we liked the most during our visit.

We decided to carry out the Civitatis free tour in Cartagena, and it was a great success, our guide, Pili, was a perfect host, she explained to us in detail every corner of Cartagena, gave us useful recommendations for our stay in the city, and also offered us a tasting of homemade cake, so that We could try the delicacies of the area, totally recommended!

Now, if you don't have time to visit on an organized tour, or you simply want to add more stops, don't miss our ten suggestions:

1. Isaac Peral's submarine

The first electric-powered submarine is one of the marvels of engineering that one has to see at least once in a lifetime, and in this case, if we want to see it, we will have to go to the naval museum in Cartagena, where it is on display. after the profound restoration it has undergone.

2. Cartagena Town Hall Palace

Ayuntamiento de Cartgena
Cartgena City Council

The building that houses the City Hall in the city of Cartagena is a true marvel of modernist style, which makes us think of the buildings in other cities, such as Barcelona or Valencia, where many modernist representations are also found.

This beautiful building with a marble façade has been recently restored, and currently shows its best appearance, so we recommend you not miss it.

3. National Museum of Underwater Archeology “ARQUA”

Although we were not able to visit it because it was temporarily closed when we visited Cartagena, we were able to talk to several people who had visited it and who told us some of the wonders that this museum houses.

In this building you can find some of the treasures that have been recovered from the seabed over the years, and some of them are true wonders. From the Phoenician treasures buried at the bottom of the sea for a long time; To the most recent, such as remains of dishes from a 19th century ship, we can find multiple records of life on board the ancient ships that circulated the seas.

4. Alley of Solitude

Callejón de la Soledad en Cartagena
Alley of Solitude in Cartagena

This unusual corner of the city shows, in a profusely decorated corner, a small altar dedicated to the Virgin of Soledad.

The altar is not a new creation, but has been in the same place in the city for several decades, showing the entrance to the old fishing neighborhood of Cartagena, which today has practically disappeared to free the remains of the Roman theater.

5. Roman Theater of Cartagena

A beautiful Roman theater, whose visit is highly recommended, and which is a good reflection of the history of Cartagena, since over the years it has undergone multiple uses and transformations. One of the most visible, and which deeply attracts attention, is the Cathedral of Cartagena, whose door stands between the walls of this theater.

Teatro romano de Cartagena
Roman theater of Cartagena

6. Picasso mural

Located on Balcones Azules Street, it is just one of the many examples of urban art that the city offers.

Among these works of urban art we find not only murals, but also old shops in which spray has served to reflect old trades.

And although we must say that all these murals and works of urban art would create an alternative route, we are left with the Picasso mural that seems to observe us in detail at every step we take. If you want to get a good view of this mural, we recommend going to El Molinete, where the Roman forum is located, and the best views of the city.

Mural de Picasso
Picasso mural

7. The Tin Soldier

If the name is already evocative, you have to see its interior. A café decorated in an eclectic style, dominated by vintage furniture, and where you will find some of the most delicious creations you can imagine. Their delicious cakes and smoothies will captivate you.

And if you wonder why this name is so peculiar, we can say that we know its origin. Apparently the famous writer Hans Christmas Andersen stayed in a pension in the place where the cafe is now located, and according to legend, Cartagena served as inspiration for the writing of the famous story that today gives its name to the cafe.

Cafetería el Soldadito de Plomo
Tin Soldier Cafeteria

8. Gran Hotel de Cartagena

We are sorry to say that despite its name... there is no longer any hotel in this location; but the headquarters of one of the most important banks in the country. Even so, it retains the sign, and the modernist and refined style that made it one of the most emblematic places in the city.

Although we could only see it from the outside, we assure you that such a magnificent building is well worth a visit.

Gran Hotel de Cartagena
Great Hotel of Cartagena

9. Café Sol

It is a mythical place in the history of the city, since as we were able to discover during our visit, it was the first cafeteria where the famous Asian coffee began to be served. Do you still not know what Asian coffee is? We leave you a link to the recipe so you can decide whether or not you want to try it (we thought it was delicious).

10. Bodega la Fuente

Cartagena is one of those cities where an art of tapas has been made. Almost on every corner you can see small bars that offer a multitude of tapas and dishes that give us an idea of the local gastronomy.

We decided to try several places, and we recommend stopping at the La Fuente winery, specialized in fish tapas. We tried the bicycle, one of the most typical tapas in Cartagena, which consists of a salty donut, on which a Russian salad is placed.

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