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The arrival of autumn is the right time to visit new cities; with the absence of the typical summer heat, it is easier to enjoy taking long walks through the streets of unknown places, and precisely for that reason, the plan that we propose this month, is to discover one of the most unknown cities in Spain; Ciudad Real.

Why is it worth a visit to Ciudad Real? We summarize it in nine reasons:

1. To visit the Puerta de Toledo.

The spectacular Toledo Gate of Ciudad Real is one of the most spectacular monuments in the city, and one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture in the Autonomous Community. In addition, the pointed arches of the door give us a clear picture of the Arab influence in the city of La Mancha.

Although at the time it must have been even more beautiful and impressive, because it was part of the wall that surrounded the city, and was crowned by two battlements, the original construction has not reached our days, so we can only imagine how spectacular it must have been when it was in its original state.

In any case, it seems to us the perfect place to start our journey in Ciudad Real.

2. For being able to contemplate the dome of the Provincial Council.

The palace of the Diputación is a beautiful construction of the nineteenth century, which we can not miss, if we go to Ciudad Real.And although the exterior is absolutely impressive, its interior will leave you with your mouth open.

The most outstanding elements of the interior of the palace in which the Provincial Council is located are: the dome of the staircase, which is decorated with frescoes representing the fine arts; the commission room is decorated with the theme of Don Quixote; and the ceiling of the plenary hall, which contains paintings of moral virtues.

The guided tour can be done from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and has free admission.

3. To know the most picturesque Town Hall in Spain.

Visiting the Plaza Mayor of a city is a must, because normally, it is where the nerve center of the population is located; and therefore, you can not miss the main square of Ciudad Real.

And since we are in the Plaza Mayor, we invite you to discover its picturesque town hall. And yes, we say picturesque, because it is a fairly modern building, built in the style of the City Councils of the Netherlands, and for that reason, we believe that it is particularly important to dedicate a visit to it.

4. To discover the Carrillón clock that commemorates the anniversary of the city.

This clock is located in the house of the Arch, which we also find in the Plaza Mayor. This house, which has many years of history behind it, was at first the seat of the town hall of the city, although later it had to be relocated, due to structural damage to the structure, a consequence, among other things, of the famous Lisbon earthquake.

Today, it has a Carrilón clock that commemorates the founding of the city. The cheek clock features the figures of Miguel de Cervantes, Sancho Panza and Don Quixote de la Mancha.

The clock’s operating hours vary depending on the time of year, but if you visit the city in September, you can see it in operation at 12:00, 13:00, 20:00 and 21:00. From October, the morning schedules are maintained, but those of the afternoon are advanced at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

5. To be able to be in the oldest park in the city.

We are talking, neither more nor less, than the Gasset park, a green space of 90,000 square meters, with free admission.

The park, in addition to being a perfect place to take a walk, and rest from the hustle and bustle of the day, has multiple attractions, such as, for example, ceramic samples from Talavera de la Reina, the Don Quixote museum, multiple ornamental fountains and even a library.

6. To know the legend of the cross of the married.

This cross is located at the end of Gasset Park, and although it is a modern cross, it represents an ancient legend known to all the inhabitants of the city, and that tells the tragic love story between two young neighbors of two municipalities facing each other.

7. To ask the tree of love to help us find a partner.

The tree of love, is located on the outskirts of Ciudad Real, and is one of the most unique trees in Castilla la Mancha.

It is a species of Asian origin, with a leafy cup, and as a singularity, it should be noted, that it has two trunks that have grown together for more than seventy years.

8. To know the archaeological park of Alarcos.

Moving away from the city, after this complete visit of the old town of Ciudad Real, we find the archaeological park of Alarcos.

It is located eight kilometers from the city, and it is easy to get there by car. The visit can only be done with a guide, and although it is free, it is necessary to book at one of the times offered on its website.

The importance of this place lies not only in the immense extension it has; twenty-two hectares; but in the importance of the remains found in the excavations carried out. This excavation shows evidence of human settlement at the site, dating back to the Bronze Age.

9. To contemplate the sunset from the Maar.

We have not made a mistake in the article, don’t worry, we talk about the Maar de Hoya, a natural monument, of volcanic origin, with incredible ornithological richness, and where we will get some spectacular snapshots.

This spectacular lagoon, in which you can breathe tranquility, is framed by the Sierra de Arzollar, which stands out for its great beauty.

We hope you liked the proposal we have made for this end of the month, and if you decide to visit Ciudad Real, and its surroundings, do not hesitate to send us a photo with the best moments of the trip to viajarsinimprevistos@gmail.com.

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