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If you are going to visit, or are lucky enough to find yourself in the Czech capital, you have to read this article. Here is a selection of places to eat in Prague.


Cerveza negra de U Fleku. Si vas a comer en Praga en este lugar, no puedes perdértela.
U Fleku Black Beer

Křemencova 11, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia
This is a typical restaurant, and totally recommended. It is located in the heart of Prague, and has its own museum and a merchandising store, such is its level of acceptance among tourists who visit the city.

Queso con cerveza de U Fleku, una de las delicias más sorprendentes que pudimos comer en Praga
U Fleku Beer Cheese

The menu is mainly made up of traditional Czech cuisine dishes, and can be a good introduction to local food. What's more, if you're only spending one night, it's the place to eat in Prague.

Clásico Goulash de U Fleku, uno de los platos más típicos que comer en Praga
U Fleku's Classic Goulash

The prices at this restaurant are higher than in less touristy areas (the price range for main dishes is between 220 and 400 crowns), and also during dinner, they walk around with trays loaded with shots that they will offer you, and later, they will charge if you catch them.

Cerdo Asado con dumplings de U Flueku. Los dumplings acompañarán casi todo lo que vayas a comer en Praga
Roast pork with dumplings from U Flueku


Vratislavova 28, 128 00 Praha 2, Czechia
Although it is a little far from the tourist area, the walk, whether on foot or by tram, is worth it.
When you arrive (we recommend you make a reservation), you will find a place with modern decoration, and very Instagrammable dishes, of which you will not even leave the decoration, because it is absolutely delicious.
The menu includes quite risky dishes, and flavor combinations that you will love.
Prices for main dishes range from 220 to 350 crowns, and include some Czech specialties, such as knuckle.


Cerveza negra de U Sadlu.
U Sadlu Black Beer

Klimentská 2, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město-Petrská čtvrť, Czechia
It is a little further away from the Old City, although it can be a good option if you take a cruise along the Moldova River.
If you decide to visit U Sadlu, you will find a medieval restaurant, which you will have to access by going down a staircase.

Schnitzel con patatas de U Sadlu. Unos de los platos más típicos que comer en Praga.
Schnitzel with potatoes from U Sadlu

The menu contains typical Czech dishes, such as knuckle, goulash, roast duck, or meat with cream sauce, but it also includes more dishes in case you don't feel like trying more local specialties. The food is delicious, and it is a good opportunity to taste food from the Czech Republic.
Prices range from 185 to 300 crowns, and they offer some menu options for two people.

Solomillo con nata, limón y mermelada de arándanos de U Sadlu (con dumplings por supuesto). Una de las cosas más curiosas que nos sirvieron para comer en Praga.
Sirloin with cream, lemon and blueberry jam from U Sadlu (with dumplings of course)


Václavské nám. 802/56, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia/ Palladium Shopping Centre, nám. Republic 1/1078
The greatest asset of this brewery is the fact that the drink is served by a train that runs from the bar to the table where you are sitting. Once there, the train will park and you can collect your glass.
In either of their two locations, they have a good selection of drinks, and some fast food dishes, so it is not the most suitable place to eat in Prague if you are looking for typical food, but it is highly advisable to go for a drink .


This is a great option for lunch. The schedules of the museums and monuments in Prague are quite tight, and you may not want to spend a lot of time eating.
You can find Street food stalls in many areas with tourist influx, such as the Castle, or Wenceslas Square.
If that is the case, we recommend that you try the Street food of the Czech capital. Among its most notable delicacies we find trodl (it is a dough similar to puff pastry, alone or filled with sweet or savory), hot dogs, and even schnitzel.

Delicioso Trodl relleno de chocolate blanco.
Delicious Trodl filled with white chocolate

We hope your mouth has watered with this selection of places to eat in Prague. If you want to share your experience, don't hesitate to add comments!

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